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Term 1 2020

  Monday 3rd February  to Wednesday 8th April 

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.


A huge thank you to all those using the drop off zone in the afternoons, the year has started amazingly with most of you not turning up until the gate opens at 3:05pm and so the children are ready and waiting. Most days by 3:15 we have no queue to get in at all and everyone is moving round and doing the loop if their child is not there waiting. This has made the end of school so much smoother and most importantly safe for your children so a big thank you! Please note that the general rule of thumb is, if you have to get out of your car to help your child then the drop off zone is not the place for you just yet – this is a space where children can hop into the car quickly, do their seat belt by themselves and move on so we are not holding up traffic on Glamorgan Drive. If we end up with queues down Glamorgan Drive the traffic wardens will start to ticket cars waiting. So please park and walk if your child is not yet ready to use the drop off zone.

Just in case you have grandparents or other family members who may pick up your children from the drop off zone, or are new to the school, a leaflet explaining how it works will come home with every child today.

Whole School Assembly Friday 28th February at 2pm

Whanake (Team 2) will be leading our whole school assembly on Friday 28th February at 2:00pm in the school hall. You are all welcome to come along. Please note: if you park in the drop off zone for assembly then please move your car by 3:05pm when gates open to collect children at the end of the day. The drop off zone is then a no parking area.

Keeping the gates shut in the Year 1 area, by Room 11 and on the field

We have gates at two entry and exit points by Rooms 1-4, between Room 11 and Te Whare Toi and at the other side to Room 12  as well as across the paths leading from the field to Carnmore Place and Danbury Drive as a security measure to help keep children safe. Some children do not see the dangers of leaving school alone when they are young or have circumstances that mean it is essential we know where they are and who they are going with. We work closely with the children and their families to make sure they can attend school safely so please always leave the gates shut and do not let any other young children out with you if they are not with a parent.

Police Vetting for sports team coaches and managers

Since the Vulnerable Children’s Act came out in 2015 we continually update our procedures and policies around keeping children and young people safe. It is recommended that all sports coaches and managers are police vetted as they have a position of authority over children and are often alone with them. If you are, or will be volunteering to be, a sports coach or manager and you have not already completed a police vet through Glamorgan School in the last 3 years, can you please pop into the office with two forms of identification, one of which must be photo ID (e.g. a drivers licence and passport would be fine). The school will cover the cost of the police vet and the office staff will complete the paperwork required. A police vet lasts for 3 years.

Cybersafety Use Agreements

Cybersafety Use Agreements were sent home last week with Year 2, Year 4 and any new children to the school. Other year groups have completed theirs and do not need to renew.

Digital devices and the Internet play an ever increasing part of children’s lives and their learning. Please take the time to read through the agreement and discuss what this means with your child. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss online safety and what it means to be a good digital citizen. 

We appreciate your support in helping our students become connected, confident users of digital technologies while at the same time remaining safe while online.

Please complete, sign and return the form to your child’s classroom teacher. If you cannot find the agreement please ask for another one or go to the school website – Parent Information-Permission slips and you can download one from there.

Electronic Devices

No electronic devices are to be sent to school, including e-readers and smart watches. If a student brings a cell phone or smart watch to school, it MUST be left at the office during the school day. This is to ensure the item is kept safe and that children aren’t accessing the internet while at school without teacher supervision.

Board of Trustees Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held at 7:00pm in the Administration building on Wednesday 26th February. Anyone is welcome to come along.

Planning for emergency situations

We have a basic emergency kit for each classroom that could be used in the event of a traumatic incident such as an earthquake or lockdown. Each class is provided with a toilet bucket and paper, rubber gloves, plastic cups and spoons and water. To complete the kit could you please send a can of food that has a ring pull or a packet of something like muesli bars for instance that has a long shelf life, to your child’s teacher. The teacher will store these in the classroom for the year. At the end of the year the food will be donated to the Salvation Army food bank. Many thanks.

Sweet Treats at school

After having many sweet treats brought to school in past years for teachers to give out on birthdays, Easter, Halloween etc we decided that this is not a practice we should be encouraging at school. Some children have serious dairy, gluten, nut and other allergies and we know some families would not want their children having the lollies and cakes without knowing about it.  However, a planned shared lunch which parents know about that is a one off special occasion is ok.

Please do not bring sweet treats such as birthday cakes, bags of lollies, cup cakes etc to school for the children.

Scholastic book orders

All orders from Issue 1 need to be in by Monday 24th February please.


Oneroa Kāhui Ako Event

Our Oneroa Kāhui Ako is currently organising professional development for our teachers on the 9th of April at Northcross Intermediate. This will be an opportunity for educators from seven different schools in our cluster to attend workshops/ seminars about the complex needs of our learners, the wellbeing of students/teachers and cultural awareness.

To support our teachers and the hard work that they do, we are looking for donations of prizes/ hampers/ vouchers. This could be pamper packages, experiences etc.

Are YOU able to donate?

By donating, we would very much like to give back to your company by adding your company’s logo to our Teachers’ Only Day brochure.

We appreciate your support and involvement in making our Oneroa Kāhui Ako professional development a great success and look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any further questions, please see below for more information.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Kilkolly

Oneroa Kahui Ako Across School Lead

Torbay School


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