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Term 2 ends at 3pm on Friday 3rd July

Term 3 starts 9am Monday 20th July

 Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

Pool key refunds

As school closed due to COVID19 we realise  not everyone had the chance to bring their pool key back to school and receive the refund by the due date. This is a final reminder that you can still get the refund to the end of June. Please note: refunds will not be given to children.

Work in the school grounds during the next holidays

There will be work going on around the school during the holidays including preparation for rooms 18-20 to be upgraded in the September school holidays. This will involve testing for asbestos as all our buildings are in the age bracket where this needs to be done if any alterations are made to the building,  so please do not send your children to play unsupervised in the school grounds. Our admin building will also be repainted and carpeted inside and some roofing repairs will be done on rooms 5-14.

School fence

The Ministry will be fencing the school within the next term, where necessary, around the inside boundary of our school. This is in response to children at school who have learning and behavioural needs and who need to be kept on the school site in order to be safe. Temporary fencing may be put up soon until the permanent fence is erected.

We will not close the footpaths through the school with fencing, but you will see new gates leading to Danbury Drive and Carnmore Place. These gates must be closed during school hours. You will also notice gates and fencing across the front of the school which must be closed during school hours also. Please note that if you have a gate from your garden to directly enter the school grounds this will no longer be possible. Access to the school site will only be through one of the main gates.

I am sure you understand that the health and safety of children at the school is of paramount importance and the Ministry has come to a point where our current fencing no longer meets the required standard and safety specifications in some places.

Thank you

We realise it must be difficult for working parents to keep children at home if they are at all unwell and thank you for doing this. The common cold has certainly made a come back in the last week! Our staff are also under the same instructions, so you may find that your child’s class has a relief teacher more frequently than in the past too.

Who needs to stay away from school?
In their latest bulletin the Ministry of Education stated the following:

Unless directed by the Medical Officer of Health, the only people who need to stay away are those who are:

  • Unwell
  • Self-isolating (at the request of health authorities)
  • Waiting for COVID test results

 Everyone else should be at school.
Anyone who is a contact of a ‘close contact’ is not required to self-isolate.  Close contacts are self-isolating as a precaution only, and will monitor for symptoms.

Hockey Holiday Programmes

Hit Em’ Up

With skill development being the focus Hit Em’ Up is for more experienced players aged 9 – 13 (school year 5 – 8) who would like to advance their hockey.

The coaching team is made up of North Harbour Hockey representative players and a lower coach ratio (approx. 1:8) this means more individual attention.

Each day has different skill focuses:

Day 1:           Tackling, Receiving, Goal Scoring

Day 2:           Elimination, Distribution, PC Skills

Dates:          Thursday 16th & Friday 17th July (attend one or two days)

Time:           9:00 am – 3:00 pm (drop off after 8:30 am)

Age:             Year 5 – Year 8

Where:         National Hockey Centre – Home of North Harbour Hockey, 159 Bush Road

Hooked on Hockey

North Harbour Hockey’s fun and engaging holiday programme with a mixture of hockey and non-hockey activity developed for ages 5 – 10 (school year 1 – 6).

It is an action packed programme with a quality coaching team that aims to provide an exciting and fun-filled experience. 

Dates:          Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th July (attend one, two or three days)

Time:           9:00 am – 3:00 pm (drop off after 8:30 am)

Age:             Year 1 – Year 6

Where:         National Hockey Centre – Home of North Harbour Hockey, 159 Bush Road

Upcoming Events

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