Welcome everyone.  We have had an unprecendented start to the year with the COVD-19 lockdown and a big thanks to all the Management, teachers, parents and students who worked so incredibly hard to provide ongoing communication as well as online learning over lockdown.  A lot was learnt over the period and thank you to everyone who submitted feedback in terms of the survey that was sent out about online learning.  Management and teachers are working very closely with students to ensure their well-being after lockdown.


Over the next three months the Ministry of Education is erecting a new fence, where necessary, around the inside boundary of our school.  This is in response to children at school who have learning and behavioural needs and who need to be kept on the school site in order to be safe.

Footpaths through the school will not be closed with fencing, but you will see new gates leading to Danbury Drive and Carnmore Place.  These gates must be closed during school hours.  There will also be gates and fencing across the front of the school which must also be closed during schools hours.  Access to the school site must now be through one of the main gates and we have advised neighbours that access from their gardens directly onto school grounds will no longer be possible.

This is for the health and safety of children at school as this is of paramount importance and the Ministry of Education has come to a point where our current fencing no longer meets the required standard and safety specifications in place.

 Pool & Drop-Off Zone

Unfortunately due to misuse of the pool and drop off zones it was decided to close both.  The drop-off zone is now used as a community collection point when walking to school to pick up children at 3pm.  Thank you for your cooperation and support as they were difficult decisions to make but are always made in the best interests of everyone.  Please remember to use the drop off zone correctly before school when dropping children at school and refrain from parking there or driving over footpaths.  The drop off zone is open at 3.15 in the afternoons.


Glamorgan School have some exciting building projects in the pipeline including upgrading the Administration Block, repairing skylights, extending classrooms and learning spaces and hopefully work on the playgrounds as well. We ask that you please remember to stay away from construction work if they are working over the holidays and we will keep you up to date with progress.

 Thank You

A lot of wonderful people contribute to the success of Glamorgan School and we would like to thank all of dedicated teaching staff, management team and support staff, administration, grounds staff and all the volunteers as well including helpers for trips, road-crossings, Waterwise, FOTS, sports teams etc.  A big thank you to all parents and family members for being a part of our school community and we look forward to the next six months of 2020 at Glamorgan School.