Tiakitanga Term 3 Newsletter

Welcome back to school. We hope the holidays gave your family some quality time together. We are calling our unit “ World Changers”. We are beginning with two visits to the Life Education Caravan. This will be a starting point for learning about nutrition, the parts of our bodies involved in digestion, and the role nutrition plays in looking after our bodies. Part of this will involve talking about anatomy. We hope your children will talk about what they have learnt and they may use some new terminology.

We will be following that with some science which will include some classroom experiments and presentations by the children (due week 4). A key aspect of this is that people (scientists) make
significant contributions to our society.

Our writing will involve writing across a range of genres. Where appropriate this will be in connection with our theme.

In maths the focus will be consolidation and development of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies with additional work on fractions and aspects of geometry.

Events this term
● 28 th or 30 th July or 6 th August Parent Discussions
● 17 th -21 st August Book Week
● 11 th September Team 4 Assembly
● 17 th September Sharing the Learning

Regular (nightly) reading is a very important part of the homework. Children in Year 4 are expected to be able to use their reading in all curriculum areas, to find information, to answer
questions etc. Reading at home may be independent, reading to you or listening to you read. Asking questions and talking about the book is important too. The children should also be spending time each day on Mathletics and Reading Eggs. Quick recall of basic facts is an important part of maths knowledge. By the end of Year 4 children should have instant recall of addition and subtraction to 20. They also need to know complete families of facts for the 2x, 5x, 10x, and begin to learn some of the 3x, and 4x
tables. Becoming good or improving at something requires that significant time is spent on it.

Please ensure that your child has the following as a basic set of equipment for school: Pencils and sharpener, blue pen, red pen, Ruler, Rubber, Refill pad, glue stick…


The children are now halfway through Year 4. Expectations with regard to independence and self-management are increasing accordingly and we appreciate your help here too.

Tiakitanga Teachers
Holly Browne, Brian Halkyard, Mary Harrison, Nayth Loft