Dear Parents and Caregivers

Intermediate School Enrolment

Welcome back to Term 3, a scary thought that we are already more than half way through the school year. Just a couple of things to bring to your notice. Term 3 is traditionally the time to enroll your child at an intermediate school. To this end, Year 6 students will be visiting Northcross on Thursday 6 August, after which they will bring home an enrolment and information pack. Even if your child is not going to attend Northcross, we take them with us to give them a taste of what intermediate school life is about. If your child is intending to attend a different intermediate school, you will need to phone that school directly to find out about the school’s open day and enrolment information. Northcross Intermediate School Open Day/Night for parent information is Wednesday 12 August at 6.00pm. Monday 24 August (between 7.30am and 10.00 and 3.00pm and 6.00pm) is the designated day for Glamorgan students to enroll at Northcross. Your child is required to be at the enrolment interview.

Classroom Programme

In line with what is happening in the real world, later this term year 6 students will be running their own election. This will follow the process of electing leaders, selecting an appropriate policy which could be implemented school wide and running an election campaign in mixed grouping across the team. This will culminate in the students running a voting day for the year 3 – 6 students to decide the winning policy.

The beginning of the term continues the development of Multiplication and Division and Fractions/Proportions/Ratios knowledge and strategies in maths. Students who have an excellent instant recall of these times tables find the learning and application of strategies easier. Nets, drawings, models, symmetry, rotation and tessellation will be covered in the strand area of maths.

Book Week:

As part of our programme we will be making a sandwich board for students to wear in the book character parade on Friday 21 August.

Puberty Plus Day

Just a reminder that the students will be involved in this programme on Friday 7 August. The parent information evening for this is to be held on Tuesday 4 August.

Teacher Contact Details:

If you have any questions or difficulties could you, please contact your classroom teacher first.

Our emails are:

Parent Discussions

We hope to see as many of you and your child/children at the parent discussion sessions being held over the next couple of weeks.


     Event Calendar Term 3  (involving Year 6 students and/or their parents
Parent Discussions 28, 30 July and 6 August
Puberty Plus parent information evening Tuesday 4 August at 6.30pm
Year 6 to Northcross Intermediate 9.00 – 1.00pm Thursday 6 August
Maths Week 12 – 16 August
Book Fair 14 – 21 August
Book Character Parade Friday 21 August
Daffodil Day Wednesday 26 August
Rippa Tournament Thursday 27 August
PhotoLife for team, class and individual photos Thursday 17 September
Sharing the Learning   3.00 – 6.00pm Thursday 17 September
FoTS Disco Friday 11 September  TBC
Last day of term 3 Friday 25 September

Kind regards

Lynne Cutfield   Karen Halkyard   Lynley Spanhake   Nicola Le Lievre