Matariki Team 1 Newsletter Term 3 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to you all and a special welcome to our new families and children turning 5. This term is underway quickly with visits to the Life Education Classroom already happening. During week 5 of this term we have a school-wide Book Week. This involves promoting reading through various activities in class. A Costume Parade for all children and teachers will be held on the Friday 21st August so start gathering bits to create a costume of your favourite book character!

To contact us:

Room 1: Mrs Steffi Duffin

Room 2: Mrs Kate Koman

Room 4: Mrs Jo Barker and Mrs Steph Masefield

Room 16 and 17 Mrs Helen Barlow and Miss Chloe Spencer

Room 21: Mrs Kirsty Hewitt


We find email contact with parents an effective way to keep in touch, especially those who are not able to visit the school regularly. We encourage you to email us. If you have an urgent message, please contact the school office as teachers do not check emails during teaching time.


Seesaw is used to keep you in touch with your child’s class. Please do not send absence or other urgent messages through this app. Your comments on posts for your child are appreciated. Remember to use the posts as a starting point with your child, to talk about the learning and experience. For those of you who turned off the notifications during lockdown, now that there are less posts each day, please turn them back on so you don’t miss important information.


Dates for your diary:

Please read the notes in the school newsletter (emailed to you and available on the school website) and on the school noticeboard as additional information is available on these.


Weeks 1-2 Life Education

Tuesday 28 July, Thursday 30 July and Thursday 6 August Parent Discussions (see booking online)

August 17-21 Book Week (Costume Parade Friday 21st)

Wednesday 26th August Daffodil Day (Yellow Day fundraiser for Cancer Society Fundraiser)

Friday 28th August: Teacher Only Day

September 17th Team, Class and Individual photos

September 17th Sharing the Learning: Open classroom 3-6pm

September 18th: FOTS Disco


Emergency Supplies:

In the unlikely situation where the school is placed in a Lockdown and classes need to remain in their rooms during short term emergency events, we have supplies in the classroom. We ask that each child brings a non-perishable item, which they will eat, in to their class. This could be a canned item (with a ring pull tab) or a long-life packaged item. Please write your child’s name on the item. At the end of the year, if unused, you can collect your item or they are donated to a foodbank.


Change of clothes

Please name your children’s clothes and shoes to help us reduce the amount of Lost Property. Please send a full change of clothes for your child to school in a named bag, which can hang on the hooks until it is needed. This is the term where children often need layers. A rain jacket is essential.


Food at school:

Please try to provide a healthy lunch and snack options for your child. A sandwich, wrap or sushi together with fruit or vege and a small biscuit or cake treat are always good options.

Remember we do not allow nuts, nut spreads, muesli bars to be eaten at school due to children with severe nut allergies.

Water bottles are essential.

We are a rubbish free school and encourage you to reduce the use of plastic and rubbish. Reusable containers with lids are ideal to keep lunch foods separate and fresh. Please remove any food from packaging at home and use small lidded containers, divided lunchboxes or reusable honey waxed cotton wrap. Any and all rubbish from lunchboxes will be sent home.


School Hours:

School begins at 9am. It is important for your child to be ready for learning at this time. Please help them to arrive at school with time to manage their belongings and settle. We find it difficult to settle our classes when parents are saying goodbye or children are arriving as the bell goes. Your help with this would be appreciated. If your child arrives after the school bell, please help them to get through the gates as the safety latches are not able to be opened by children. It is important they report to “Mrs Watson’s window”.


Term 3 Learning Focus

This term we are using Fairy Tales as a theme for our learning and will explore literacy, numeracy, technology and science through this. If you have any traditional stories from your family culture that you would like to share with us, please get in touch with your child’s teacher.


PE Programme

This term we have a focus on Body and Spatial Awareness and Stability (balance, landings, rotation, turning).


Kind regards

Jo Barker, Helen Barlow, Steffi Duffin, Kirsty Hewitt, Kate Koman, Chloe Spencer and Steph Masefield (Team Leader)