Poetry Recital Information

 Your task:

To present a poem to the class without reading it.

  • Choose a poem suitable for you
  • Learn the poem off by heart
  • Perform the poem to entertain an audience

 Where to find poems

Google “poetry for kids”

Giggle poetry


Books from the library

Your class selection

To make your poetry recital interesting try to have:

  • Lots of expression,
  • dramatic gestures,
  • eye contact,
  • a clear voice with enough volume for the audience to hear it easily.


Note: All children are expected to learn and present a poem to their class. Hopefully lots will be confident to aim for competition level. Poems selected should be a suitable level for each child to achieve success.

Children aiming to enter the competition will need to choose a poem with that in mind.

You may like to start looking for a poem now.

You will hear more about class presentation times later.