Tēnā koutou katoa

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We thank you very much for all the learning support you have provided over this interrupted year.  We appreciate it. Here’s to a smooth running and motivating term to end the year.

Water Safety Awareness

This week Water Skills for Life Educators have visited our classes to give a lesson on water safety awareness.  The aim is to help children be aware of the risks of water and make good decisions for their safety.  Class teachers will also be helping the children focus on water safety as the swimming weather arrives. Next year the programme continues as part of our swimming at school.

Assembly Friday 23rd September

Our team has the pleasure of taking the school assembly on Friday 23rd at 2 pm.  You are all most welcome to attend.

Our Trip to Maritime Museum

It looks like we will actually get there after all!  You have the information sheet and hopefully you have sent the permission slip and money back to school.  Let your teacher know if you need another form.  We will be contacting parent helpers shortly, now that we know the trip will go ahead.  (Dates are Room 23 and 25 on 8th December,  Room 22 and 24 on 9th December)

Poetry Recital Competition  (please see the separate information sheet on this website also)

This term we have a whole school poetry competition. All children will be participating in a class poetry recital  so everyone needs to be looking for a poem that is manageable for them to learn and present without reading it.  If they are keen to enter the competition they will need a suitable poem, presentation voice and gestures and/or props.  We will be helping children find a poem if they have not chosen one with you. They will have time to practise at school but will also need to practise at home with your guidance. All children are expected to recite to the class. Finalists are chosen from the team and those children enter the school competition on Thursday 26th November.


This term we will be making puppets and finding out about puppets in the past and in different cultures.  In our use of puppets and their research we have a rich context to develop skills across the curriculum, especially in literacy, technology and social sciences.

The school newsletter and website have lots of information for you; for school wide events and sites that support learning, e.g. hats compulsory this term, ideas to help with reading, what is happening each week.

As always, please feel free to email us to celebrate or voice concerns.

Robyn Bennett   Room 23   robynbennett@glamorgan.school.nz

Gerry Campbell  Room 22   gerrycampbell@glamorgan.school.nz

Sharon Topliss    Room 24   sharontopliss@glamorgan.school.nz

Sharon Close      Room 25    sharonclose@glamorgan.school.nz