Whanake Newsletter

Term Four, 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to term four!

The students have made an enthusiastic start to our final term.

This term classes will participate in an integrated studies inquiry called ‘Giving Back’. Learning concepts and experiences will focus on manaakitanga – kindness, generosity and support. Programmes will be implemented through Social Science, Health, The Arts and Technology.

The following understandings will be developed:

● We can use our strengths, talents and treasures to help people in our communities.

● We have an individual and collaborative responsibility to work for the good of everyone.

● We can use our strengths, talents and treasures to inspire others.

Literacy programmes will continue to engage students in a variety of tasks that develop skills through reading, writing, oral and visual language. Many of these tasks have direct links to the integrated studies programme.

The mathematics programme will centre on developing a range of skills within the contexts of statistics (probability), geometry (symmetry and tessellations) and measurement (mass and capacity). Number knowledge, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division and proportions and ratios will be taught as needs dictate. Algebra is taught as an integral component across all areas of the mathematics curriculum.

The students will participate in physical education sessions that focus on running, jumping and throwing. The purpose of this unit is to develop skills that can be used in everyday situations and as preparation for athletics day.

Arts programmes will further develop understandings and skills in music and the visual arts.

Homework tasks will focus on reading, spelling and basic facts. As a lead up to the school poetry competition, the students will also be required to learn a poem. Poems will be presented in class on Monday 9th November. Three students from each class will be chosen to go forward to the Team Two competition. Three finalists will then be selected from the nine to represent Whanake classes in the school competition. Specific requirements re presentations have been forwarded in the homework book.

Students are now required to wear their named sunhats outside every-day as we move towards the warmer weather.

Please refer to the school website with regard to the dates of key events for this term.

Thank you once again for your continued support. It is very much appreciated. Please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance should you have any queries or concerns. It is important to keep the home/school partnership alive for the benefit of your child and their learning.

Kind regards

Mrs Nicola Couch (Team Leader)

Mrs Lyn Peters

Miss Casia Dunning

Mrs Jillian McLean