Welcome everyone.  This year has been incredibly challenging with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns and we are now moving quickly towards the end of another successful year at Glamorgan School.  Thank you to everyone involved in contributing to the success of Glamorgan School whether it be academic, sporting, socially or culturally.  A big thanks to all the Management, teachers, parents and students who have worked so incredibly hard this year which has been particularly challenging.

 Construction & Fencing

The new fencing around the school by the Ministry of Education is now complete and meets the required standard and safety specifications.  Thanks to everyone for their patience with construction activities.  There are quite a few building activities taking place over the Summer school holidays so we ask the school community to please remember to stay away from construction work when they are working over the holidays and we will keep you up to date with progress.


Thank you to everyone who has paid their school donation.  It makes a huge difference to what we can do to improve your child’s learning experience at Glamorgan School.  Thinking ahead to 2021, we know the beginning of the year is often very expensive but there are many options of when and how to pay as detailed in the school newsletters and on the Glamorgan School website.  Please contact the office if you would like to discuss options.

 Pool & Drop-Off Zone

The Pool and Drop-Off Zone remain closed.  It has been a difficult decision to make but decisions are always made in the best interests of everyone.  Please remember to use the drop off zone correctly before school when dropping children at school and refrain from parking there or driving over footpaths.  The drop off zone is open at 3.15pm in the afternoons.

Year 6 Leaving Ceremony

The Year 6 Leaving Ceremony is on Thursday 03 December 2020.  This is an opportunity for family and friends of Year 6 to celebrate our Year 6 children and families, and to wish them well on their way as they finish their primary school journey and move on to their Intermediate School experience.  As the Year 6 children and their families leave us, we wish them all the very best as they continue their education.  Please come back and visit Glamorgan – it has been a pleasure having you here for your primary school years.

Thank You

An incredible amount of people contribute to the success of Glamorgan School and we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved which consists of a variety of very dedicated people.  Our hard working teaching staff and management team work tirelessly for our children and are passionate about Glamorgan School.  Thanks for all your efforts including teacher aides, support staff, administration and grounds staff who all help keep our school running smoothly.  If you get the opportunity to thank these people, please do.

Thanks to the FOTS team and to everyone involved who have all worked so hard and given up their precious time to create school community events and raise money for items to benefit all the children.  Unfortunately, many items including the annual Quiz Night did not go ahead this year, but a successful and fun Term 4 Disco was a highlight which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.  FOTS are keen for more people to get involved and it is a great opportunity to make friends and have fun helping.  If you are keen to get involved, please email the office for details.

Thanks to all the parents and family members for helping in some way including sports coaching, managing teams, helping repair and put books away, road crossings, walking school bus, EOTC helpers on trips, FOTS, Waterwise, supporting fundraisers etc. – we really appreciate everyone helping and getting involved in Glamorgan School.  Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2021.