Welcome to Hapori, Team 3.

We chose Hapori for our team name as it means a community of learning. It indicates the environment that we embrace at Glamorgan.  The children entering their third year of school have practised managing their own belongings and respecting other people. They have worked and played together and independently. They now build on these skills.

With only two days behind us as I write, we are impressed by the way the children are settling in and are enthusiastic. Thank you for instilling the values that enable this to happen.

Throughout the year the key competencies from the curriculum (Thinking,  Participating and Contributing,  Relating to Others,  Managing Self,  Using Languages, Symbols and Texts) will drive our teaching and learning as we explore a range of contexts. Children are supported to explore new areas of interest and to make some choices that best meet their interests and passions.

In our first term we have particular emphasis on building strong, secure classroom cultures where everyone feels included and motivated. It is important that the children realise making mistakes is part of the path to learning, and that they become reflective about the little steps that will help their learning.  As we form our own class cultures we also look at some aspects of  Waitangi and ANZAC  to gain a little broader understanding of community.

Coming under the umbrella of  the health curriculum we will be participating in a range of games and activities to build motor skills and cooperative skills. You will all be familiar with the Skillz4Life Swim School that was offered to you at the end of last year. These are scheduled for  Monday 15 February through to Friday 26 February, except for Tuesdays.  We also have water safety sessions and some class pool times so children will need swimming gear on Thursday 11 and Friday  12 this week too please.

A fun and informative way of teaching sun safety is incorporated into our science learning about light and the sun and moon. We will leave it to the children to tell you about that as it unfolds.

Literacy and mathematics weaves through all our topics to offer learning in context with some agency. These areas also have a strong structure to support individual learning steps, collective problem solving and working to support each other.

Important dates are on the school newsletter throughout the year.  The website has a range of helpful information so do have a look if you are not familiar with it all.   One that is especially pertinent to Year 3 and rather urgent I will repeat here:

Coaches needed for Miniball (junior basketball)

We are  in need of coaches for miniball  in Year 3 and 4.  We have parents wanting to sign their child up but until we have a coach this is not possible.  If you are are interested in coaching please see Robyn Bennett in Room 23 or email  robynbennett@glamorgan.school.nz.   Games are in Browns Bay on Tuesdays after school.  Coaching times are arranged when the school hall is available – usually before or after school.  We appreciate the time and dedication given from coaches in the past.  Perhaps you may like to do it on a roster with another parent if your children are wanting to join?  We do not expect you to be an expert!

You are welcome to contact us through the emails below but phone the office if you need a message to us on the same day as we don’t check emails while teaching.

We look forward to seeing you at Meet the Teacher evening on Wednesday 10 February in your child’s class at 6.30pm. Let us know if you are not able to come so that we can send you information pertinent to your child’s class.


Nga mihi

Robyn Bennett   Room 23      robynbennett@glamorgan.school.nz

Gerry Campbell Room 22      gerrycampbell@glamorgan.school.nz

Sharon Topliss  Room 24       sharontopliss@glamorgan.school.nz

Sharon Close   Room 25         sharonclose@glamorgan.school.nz