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Please note that  school will be closed on 1st,2nd,5th and 6th April 

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

Parent/Teacher/Child Discussions Term 1
Feedback we received from having the discussions over several afternoons and for 15 minutes per family instead of 10 minutes was very positive last year. Following on from this, we will be offering these discussions again on
  • Monday 29th March between 3:15pm and 5:30pm and
  • Wednesday 31st March between 3:15pm and 5:30pm.
The link and code to make a booking for a discussion is below:        Code: rmyx8
Bookings are now open.

Mornings in the Drop Off Zone

On Tuesday morning we had a close call in our drop off zone when children were getting out of cars on the yellow lines and running across to the school side. Please do not park on the yellow lines, always park on the left and say a quick goodbye and then move slowly down and out of the drop off zone. Move as far down as you can so other cars can get in. This is a no parking area between 8:15am and 9am.
We are looking for parent volunteers to be marshalls and help move the traffic along in the mornings. If you can volunteer one morning per week between 8:30am and 9am please let the office know. Thank you to the two parents who have volunteered so far. Let’s work together to keep our tamariki safe.
See the attached brochure for safe use of our drop off zone – at least we have this safe place for cars to use which would be much appreciated by other schools so let’s use it well.

University of Canterbury’s Great Kiwi English, Mathematics and Science competitions

This year we will be taking part in the University of Canterbury’s Great Kiwi English, Mathematics and Science competitions for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools. The Kiwi competitions are written by New Zealand teachers for New Zealand students and are based on the New Zealand Curriculum. The supervised online tests will take place as follows:

  • Maths – 29th June (Tuesday, week 9, Term 2)
  • Science – 1st July (Thursday, week 9, Term 2)
  • English – 6th July (Tuesday, week 10, Term 2)

The competition is open to students in Years 5 and 6 who feel confident and comfortable at sitting a Maths, English or Science test and would enjoy the challenge. All participating students will be awarded a certificate and prizes will be awarded to top students in each year group. The cost for a student to participate is $9.50 per competition entered.

Click here for entry form CAM 2021 Entry Form

Click here to download a brochure 2021_Kiwi-Comp_brochure

Please note:

  • We will not be entering the ICAS Competitions run through the University of New South Wales.
  • Practise papers are not available for Kiwi Competitions (it is a competition!).
  • Visit the CAM website for more information.

The closing date for the school to accept entries is Friday 16th April (Week 11 Term 1).

Anzac Day Service Sunday 26th April 2021

If there is a family who would like to attend the Civic Service and lay a wreath on behalf of the school, please contact the school office. The East Coast Bays Anzac Day Service is held at the War Memorial, Mainly Esplanade, Browns Bay, commencing at 8.45am. The school will provide a wreath.

We will be kicking term 2 off with a disco night for the kids (a bit earlier this year) and as usual we need sponsors from companies for things like photobooth etc.  which is a real highlight of the evening for the kids.  If you or your company are interested in sponsoring us for an event please email
We encourage parents to follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on what FOTS events are happening this year.  
If you would like to get involved with FOTS as a member or even just help out at events flick me (Sarah) an email to
Thank you to the ladies for an awesome meeting last night and welcome to our new members.
Our next meeting will be Monday, 12 April at 7pm in the staff room (above the office)

Upcoming Events

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