Kia ora Koutou

It is lovely to see the children coming in on day one, happy to see each other and curious to learn.

Let’s start with what the children are excited about! We have a trip to the zoo planned for Wednesday June 9th. We will be particularly looking at habitats for the animals. This supports our classroom studies on animals and their habitats, which involves science, literacy and the arts. We hope all the children are able to come. You will receive more information shortly: permission slip, price and parent support.

At 2pm on Friday May 28th our team will be hosting the school assembly. You are all welcome.

The school cross country is planned for Thursday June 1oth with a save day on the 11th.  We will be practising.

Matariki takes place around July 2nd to 10th and we will be learning about the significance of this for Aotearoa. As it is a time of celebration we will be having team sharing activities.

Looking at the school wide calendar and newsletter you will know that there is a lot happening this term.

A look at learning in the classroom:

After a term in their classes there is more expectation for the children to be managing their belongings and making good choices for their learning. Lots of children now exchange library books before school or at lunch time. In class they are gradually becoming more aware of the next steps for their writing, or the basic facts in numeracy that they need to practise. To support them, we conference with them, help them to share and reflect with a buddy and to work collaboratively.  As they develop these skills they are able to have more agency in their learning.  By this we mean more times when they choose the topic or  genre for their stories, select what part of a class topic study to investigate, and follow personal interests in their reading or research.

Expectations for homework:  (Time to play is important – homework does not need to be more than half an hour a day)

Mathletics for a few minutes daily if they have access.  If set tasks are completed the children can practise basic facts. The computer game style of the basic fact lessons seem to appeal to them.  A few basic facts practised orally over a week is a really good idea too.

Reading and Spelling: All children should have two library books at a time. Having one at school and one at home often works well. When readers come home they are for your child to share with you.  The essential word list from the NZ curriculum is used as a spelling guide to work through, a few words at a time each week.

N.B:  There may be some differences in homework according to class teachers and for individual children. Whatever you are doing to support literacy and numeracy is appreciated. We realise it must fit into what is practical for your family and commitments. If you require a new set of spelling words or number knowledge guides given out at the beginning of the year, please ask your class teacher or use links below.

Essential Spelling link

NZ Curriculum Maths information for Families  link is

We look forward to seeing you at parent/teacher discussions at the end of the term. We are also here to support you and celebrate with you at any time so feel free to email us or reach us through the office.

Ngā mihi

Robyn Bennett,   Gerry Campbell,    Sharon Topliss,    Sharon Close