Welcome everyone. We are halfway through the year already and so far it has been very busy after our very challenging year last year. Despite a short interruption early in Term 1, it is wonderful to have everyone at school enjoying all the activities including all the EOTC events taking place on their scheduled days, Year 6 Camp and Waterwise which all went ahead thankfully. Thank you to everyone involved in contributing to the success of Glamorgan School whether it be academic, sporting, socially or culturally. We have included some photos for you to enjoy as well.


There is progress happening with various building projects so a big thank you to all the staff, students, and families for being patient as building work continues. In order to maintain momentum and as the upgrades cannot be completed in a two week school holiday some projects are continuing during term time, so please bear with us as the builders try to complete various items.

• Rooms 18,19, 20 deck and roofing are now complete and teachers and children are enjoying the new bigger areas.
• Room 16 and 17 have new carpets and new wall covering in room 17 as well as a transpace door so it can be either one shared classroom or two classroom spaces.
• Roof extensions from rooms 1-14 has begun with rooms 5-7 and 8-10 being the first to experience the extra wide covered walkways. These will be extended to all three courtyards over a period of a year and new courtyard areas will be installed also.
• Pool resurfacing and painting was successfully completed prior to swimming lessons in Term 4 last year.
• Solar panels and new roofing have been replaced on one half of the hall roof.

We ask the school community to please remember to stay away from construction work when they are working both during term time and over the school holidays and we will keep you up to date with progress.


Thank you to everyone who has paid their school donation this year. It makes a huge difference to what we can do to improve your child’s learning experience at Glamorgan School. There are many options of when and how to pay as detailed in the school newsletters and on the Glamorgan School website. Please contact the office if you would like to discuss options.


We have two wonderful people who recently joined our team and most of you will have met them or seen them around so please remember to say hello to both Ian Taylor (our new Caretaker) and Michelle Waaka (our new Office Administrator). The children will have a lot to do with both Ian and Michelle so remember to say hello when you see them around as well.

Thank You

A lot of wonderful people help contribute to the success of Glamorgan School and we would like to thank all our dedicated teaching staff, the management team and support staff, administration, grounds staff and all the volunteers and helpers. FOTS are looking forward to a good year and are enjoying organizing various exciting activities. A very successful FOTS disco was held in May so thanks to the FOTS team, children, parents, family members and helpers for helping make it such a fun night for everyone. A big thank you to all parents and family members for being part of our school community and we look forward to the next six months of 2021 at Glamorgan School.