Welcome everyone.  Another even crazier year than before if that is even possible but here we are in December and moving through Covid-19 Alert Level 3 step 2 which applies to all schools until 1 January 2022.  A massive thank you to Glamorgan Senior Management, Management, Teachers, Support Workers, Administration, Caretakers as well as our whole school community for working together to ensure a successful year despite the lockdown.  It has been a long year but there are lots of things to celebrate as well.  Thanks to all the teachers for tirelessly adapting to teaching online and keeping the connection between home and school especially over lockdown which is very challenging.    There have been some great creative ideas including an online welcome to new students who started school during lockdown.  We understand the enormous responsibility and challenges that home learning also placed on parents, whanau and tamariki as you had to create time, space, routine, and support for learning at home.  We appreciate all of you and your kindness, patience and resilience throughout.  Thank you to everyone involved in contributing to the success of Glamorgan School whether it be academic, sporting, socially or culturally. 


It has been a busy year in terms of construction and lots of various projects all over the school including:

  • New school bell and intercom system
  • New classroom block
  • Alterations and additions including new decking and roofing to extend dry areas, playgrounds and courtyard areas

Thank you for the patience of everyone at school who tolerated the noise and disruption to allow builders to continue and make the most of the time available to continue works.  The children were very interested in all the building works and were happy to return after lockdown to see some of the new projects complete.  Some photographs are included to see some of the building works to date.  There is also construction work continuing over the Summer holidays so we ask the school community to please remember to stay away from construction work over the school holidays and we will keep you up to date with progress.


Thank you to everyone who has paid their school donation in 2021.  School donations make a huge difference to what we can do to improve your child’s learning experience at Glamorgan School.  Thinking ahead to 2022, we know the beginning of the year is often very expensive but there are many options of when and how to pay as detailed in the school newsletters and on the Glamorgan School website.  Please contact the office if you would like to discuss options.

Farewell to Year 6’s

We would like to wish all our Year 6 students and their families all the very best as they leave Glamorgan School.  Unfortunately due to Government restrictions a Leaving Ceremony could not be held this year which is very disappointing to everyone as it is one of the highlights of the year for the Year 6’s.  However our Year 6’s were very lucky to get their Camp experience in at the beginning of this year as a lot of schools have had to cancel Camps in Term 4.  We would like to acknowledge their resilience and contribution to the school and wish them all the very best on their education journey as they leave Primary School and move on to Intermediate.

Thank You 

A lot of wonderful people help contribute to the success of Glamorgan School and we would like to thank all our dedicated teaching staff, the management team and support staff, administration, grounds staff and all the volunteers and helpers. Thank you to the entire FOTS team who managed to squeeze in a very successful Quiz Night in August which was lots of fun as well as various other activities including a great Disco in May.  Due to lockdown many plans could not go ahead but once again hopefully 2022 is less disrupted and a chance to get our community together.

Thank you to all the coaches, managers, Waterwise instructors, parent helpers for EOTC and camp and every single person who has given time to assist both in and out of the classroom.  A special mention to Telsa Knight who has run netball as coach, manager and coordinator at Glamorgan School for many years now and her contribution has been incredible.  To all the families who are leaving us as their children move on, thank you for being a part of our school community and please come back and visit as the connection is very special and it is always lovely when past students return to say hello.

A big thank you to all parents and family members for being part of our school community.  Have a good Christmas and New Year and safe holiday break over summer and we look forward to seeing you for the start of Term 1 at Glamorgan School for 2022 which is Tuesday 8th of February 2022.


Glamorgan School Board of Trustees is made up of:

Janet Pinchen (Principal)       Morag Ward (Chairperson)      Nayth Loft: (Staff Rep)       

Iain Carmichael                  Jon Irving                          Nicole Thompson          Irene Wirtenberger

Please contact us via the school office.