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Term 1 ends at 3pm on Wednesday 13th April

Teacher Only Day Thursday 14th April, Good Friday 15th April 

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

Thank you for your continued support as we start to manage increased absences related to covid-19 across the school. Considering we have a large number of children at school each day the number of cases reported to us has been small and the majority of children absent are self isolating as they have become a household contact through adults contracting the virus. Keep monitoring your children daily for any symptoms and if they are present then seek a test. If a child is a positive case we still need to report this, so please complete the absence form on the front page of the school website and include the date and kind of test your child had (RAT or PCR) as well. The Covid-19 button on the school website also has the school’s Covid protection framework and plans and procedures for phase 3 for your reference. The flow chart has also been added in Mandarin.

Updating School Records

A form was sent home last week to all children from the office to update your family details so we have the correct phone numbers, email addresses and emergency contacts for your child. Please complete this form and send it back to school as soon as you can if you haven’t already. If all details are still the same please write ‘no changes’ on the form and send it back anyway. It is so important in these Covid times that your contact details are up to date and correct so we can communicate with you and contact you immediately if we need to.

If you move house, change email or phone numbers or emergency contacts for your child please let the office know at any time of the year. You don’t need to wait for this form to come home again at the beginning of next year. Many thanks.

Netball notices

All year 1,2,3 and 4 children and those who were interested in years 5 and 6  brought home a notice about playing netball this year. Please check your child’s bag if you have not seen it. If the notice is lost or you want your child to play and they have not brought a notice home, you can download the notice and registration form from the school website under Parent Information-Permission slips. Registration and fees are due by Friday 18th March for Years 5 and 6. Please register for years 1-4 but  do not pay yet. Kidzplay will not hold any games until we are at the orange traffic light setting. We will organise year 1-4 teams and let you know when you need to pay.

Planning for emergency situations

We have a basic emergency kit for each classroom that could be used in the event of a traumatic incident such as an earthquake or lockdown. Each class is provided with a toilet bucket and paper, rubber gloves, plastic cups and spoons and water. To complete the kit could you please send a can of food that has a ring pull or a packet of something like muesli bars for instance that has a long shelf life, to your child’s teacher. The teacher will store these in the classroom for the year. At the end of the year the food will be donated to the Salvation Army food bank. Many thanks.

Team names

For those families new to the school, following on from consultation with our Maori community  we  introduced team names throughout the school that represent the journey from year 1 to year 6 and would give a sense of identity and belonging to each team for the children. Teams in general represent a single year level but can also include composite classes so for example Team 5 has mainly year 5 children except one class which has some year 4 children in it. Our team names are:

Tātai-o-Matariki (or Matariki for short) –  New beginnings (Team 1)

Whanake – Growing (Team 2)

Hapori – Community (Team 3)

Tiakitanga – Guardianship (Team 4)

Haepapa – Responsibility (Team 5)

Rangatiratanga – Leadership (Team 6)

Glamorgan is a rubbish free zone!

All plastic, paper and food rubbish must be taken home each day. Try a litterless lunch – put food into small airtight containers for your children, without any wrapping so they can eat the food and bring the container home. As a part of environmental learning we encourage children to be litter free so you may find they come home and ask you if they can take food out of the wrappers or have fresh fruit or vegies instead of processed food in a container. If you could support your child in this we would be grateful.

School hours

For safety reasons, children are not to enter the school grounds before 8.15am and need to leave before 3.15pm with the exception of sports training. Please note that teachers will not be required to be in their classrooms until 8:30am. Before this time they are preparing for the day ahead. 

Travelwise – Safety at the School Gate message

The beginning of the year is a good time to remind ourselves of road safety particularly around schools and teaching our children safe practices too.