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Term 1 ends at 3pm on Wednesday 13th April

Teacher Only Day Thursday 14th April, Good Friday 15th April 

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

Covid-19 update and information

Following the Governments announcement on Wednesday, we will be reviewing our procedures and making changes if necessary and  information will then be sent to families  and whanau. We are still in the red traffic light setting and so mask wearing indoors will continue for teachers and children in years 4-6 and any in years 1-3 that choose to wear one. 

Information from the Ministry of Health regarding household contacts testing positive at different times

The Ministry of Health has provided further clarity on when household contacts should isolate.
What does it mean if I am a household contact? – Ministry of Health
For households where someone has COVID-19, the Ministry of Health recommends you apply the following guidance.

  • If someone becomes a confirmed COVID-19 case, then that case and all other people in their household must isolate for seven days.
  • If someone else in the household then tests positive for COVID-19 during those seven days:
    • the isolation period for that person only re-sets – that person must isolate for an additional seven days from the day they test positive or symptoms begin
    • other household contacts who do not test positive are still able to leave isolation after the original case has completed their seven days isolation.
  • For the next 10 days after a household completes seven days isolation, evidence shows that due to their exposure to COVID-19 they are less likely to catch or transmit the virus. This means: 
    • if someone else in the household tests positive within those 10 days, the whole household will not have to re-isolate, only the positive case
    • if someone else in the household tests positive and it has been more than 10 days since the household completed isolation, household contacts should re-isolate along with the new case for seven days.
  • Any person who has had COVID-19 within the last 90 days/three months will not need to isolate as a household contact unless they become symptomatic and test positive again. This is because reinfection rates for people who have had COVID-19 are low for the three months after they have the virus.

Remember, Day 0 for isolation is the day symptoms began or the day the positive test was taken (whichever came first). You should then count your seven days from there.

Parent/Teacher/Child Discussions Term 1

Todays bookings have now closed and the School Interviews website will reopen on Friday morning to take bookings for the final afternoon on Monday 4th April between 3:15pm and 5:30pm.
This term we are holding the meetings via zoom. You will still be able to book using the online school interviews website. When you book a time you will be sent a zoom link. This is the first time we have tried this system and all went well on Tuesday, but please bear with us if something goes wrong. We will reschedule if necessary.
The link and code to make a booking for a discussion is below:        Code: 5xh4p


University of Canterbury’s Great Kiwi English, Mathematics and Science competitions – Years 5 and 6

This year we will be taking part in the University of Canterbury’s Great Kiwi English, Mathematics and Science competitions for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools. The Kiwi competitions are written by New Zealand teachers for New Zealand students and are based on the New Zealand Curriculum. The supervised online tests will take place as follows:
Science – 21st June (Tuesday, week 8, Term 2)
Maths – 28th June (Tuesday, week 9, Term 2)
English – 5th July (Tuesday, week 10, Term 2)

The competition is open to students in Years 5 and 6 who feel confident and comfortable at sitting a Maths, English or Science test and would enjoy the challenge. All participating students will be awarded a certificate and prizes will be awarded to top students in each year group. The cost for a student to participate is $9.50 per competition entered.

Entries can be completed online:

Year 5

Year 6

Click here to download a brochure Kiwi Competition – Information

The cost for each competition is $9.50

If paying online please include your child’s name and reason for payment (CAMCOMP). Our account number is: 12 – 3080 – 0059486 – 00

If sending money to the school office please place it in an envelope with your child’s name, room number, Kiwi Competition and amount paid on the outside.

The closing date for the school to accept entries is Tuesday 12th April (Week 11 Term 1).

Please note:
Practise papers are not available for Kiwi Competitions (it is a competition!)
Visit the CAM website for more information.

 Student Cybersafety Agreements

If you have not already done so could you please complete a Cybersafety Agreement for your child/children. 

**Children who do not have an agreement completed will not be allowed on a device in Term 2**

We feel it is important for you to revisit digital and online safety with your child on a regular basis, particularly as they grow older and use the internet and devices for different purposes, and these will now be completed annually (previously these were completed at enrolment/Year 1 and again in Year 4).

The forms can be completed online using the links below:

Matariki – Rooms 1/2, 3/4, 5, 6/7

Whanake – Rooms 9, 10, 11

Hapori – Rooms 22, 23, 24, 25

Tiakitanga – Rooms 14, 16

Haepapa – Rooms 18, 19, 20, 21

Rangatiratanga – Rooms 8, 15, 26

Year 4 – Chromebooks and Google accounts – letter for parents

Netsafe has some useful resources to support you when talking to your child about being safe online:

Netsafe’s Parent Toolkit is available in English, Te Reo, Simplified Chinese, Tongan and Samoan: