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Term 4 ends at 1pm on Friday 16th December   

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

Friends of the School (FOTS) News

FOTS needs new members! 
We really need new members so we can run events next year; we’ll be losing more people from the committee at the end of the school year. Come and see what we’re about and how you can contribute – our next meeting is on Monday, 14 November at 7pm, in the staff room (above the office; use the stairs outside). We need to start planning for 2023 (the school’s jubilee year!), so please bring any ideas!
We’re aware that everyone is busy and know that some are worried about the commitment if they join FOTS, but it’s only as much as you can give. The more of us there are, the lighter the load. It’s a great way to meet other parents too and support the school.
If we don’t get any new members for 2023, we are unlikely to be able to run as many events as there will be just four regular members. This in turn means less extra funding for the school for things like updating the playgrounds.
Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at, and come along on the 14th to see how you can get involved!


Thank you so much to all of our parent helpers for last Friday’s disco – and to all the kids and parents who came along! It was great to see everyone having a good time. I think we might have reached a new record for numbers attending, selling around 440 tickets.
We would also like to say a big thank you to WRNZ for sponsoring our photobooth. This allows us to be able to offer the kids a memento from their disco. We would also like to say a massive thank you to Domino’s Long Bay who shouted the pizzas.


Also a special mention of It’s My Party who looked after the lighting, decorations and sound system. They always go above and beyond to make our disco look and sound great. Head to their website for a chance to win.

Yummy Sticker results

Many thanks to all those families who sent in Yummy stickers from their fruit. We were granted $2033 to spend on sports gear which is fantastic!

Safety at the school gate

We are expecting children to be collected from school when it finishes at 3pm, but if you are late picking up your child/ren at 3pm and need to use the drop off zone to collect them, please speak to them about waiting on the pavement sensibly and not running across the drop off zone or playing games at the side of the road. Also never park opposite the school side of the drop off zone on the yellow lines and call your child across through parked or moving cars, this is dangerous and exactly the opposite of what we are trying to teach the children to do in our road safety programmes!

School Athletics

School athletics days are coming up in week 5 of the school term in the week beginning 14th November. Please see details below for dates and activities for junior school athletics (5-7 year olds) and senior school athletics (8-11 year olds). Parents and whanau are welcome to come along and watch. Please make sure your child brings a water bottle and  sunhat to school, wears sun safe clothing eg clothes covering the shoulders and has applied sunscreen before school that day. Children are welcome to have sunscreen in their bags at school in term 4 – the roll on ones are easy for them to self apply. We also have sunscreen available in the school office that children can use. 

Junior Athletics (5-7year olds) Wednesday 16th November and Friday 18th November

This year junior athletics will be held across two mornings, Wednesday 16th November and Friday 18th November.

The sprint heats will begin on Wednesday at 9:25 with 6 yr old girls and  boys, 5 yr old girls and boys, 7 yr old girls and boys. We will race the heats to get 8 finalists for each gender and age group. Following this, children will have a rotation of field events.

On Friday we begin the day with the sprint finals at 9:25. Upon completion, the children continue their field event rotations.

Senior Athletics (8-11 year olds) Monday 14th November and Thursday 17th November

This year the senior school athletics will be scheduled over two days, Monday 14th November and Thursday 17th November.

Day 1: Monday 14th November-Field Events 8-11 years ( Field Events)

Field Event Programme













Day 2: Thursday 17th November-Sprint Races 8-11 years (Sprints)

Track Event Programme

9:20- Sprints

8-Year-old Boys & Girls

9-Year-old Boys & Girls

10- Year-old Boys & Girls

11-Year-old Boys & Girls


8-Year-old Boys & Girls

9-Year-old Boys & Girls

10-Year-old Boys & Girls

11-Year-old Boys & Girls

ESOL  English for Speakers of Other Languages 

We are looking for parents who can help us welcome and communicate with families when they arrive with limited English.

The type of help could be:

Phone a family to welcome them and talk about our school.

Translate a school form from English to another language.

Interpret or help welcome families when we have a meeting for new families to meet each other.

If you are able to help us please contact Robyn Bennett  with your name and the name of your children at school.

Sunhats at school in term 4

All children must wear a sunhat at school in term 1 and 4 of the year. Please make sure your child brings one to school in their bag or has one at school in their desk.

Upcoming Events

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