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Term 2 ends at 3pm Friday 30th June   

(School closed on King’s Birthday Public Holiday Monday 5th June)

Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone.

Glamorgan School 50th Jubilee-a-thon Online Sponsored Fundraiser – last weekend!








Jubilee-A-Thon week is well under way and classes are combining learning about Glamorgan School’s history and place in the local community with some fun activities in their classes and a whole school Gold Rush Fun Run yesterday with an obstacle course that the children thoroughly enjoyed. Our final fundraising weekend is coming up and our fundraising site will close on Monday 29th May at midday so last chance to get those donations in. We have some fantastic prizes for both individual top fundraisers (1st prize $150 Warehouse voucher, 2nd prize $100 voucher and 3rd prize $50 voucher with a goody bag for 4th – 10th place) and Team prizes including 15 minutes extra playtime for the top three teams plus a movie with popcorn and ice cream for first place, pizza lunch for second place and ice blocks for third place. Thank you to all those who have contributed so far and let’s make this a fantastic fiftieth final weekend!

Pink Shirt Day


The school council members did a fantastic job of organising a poster competition and turning a window in each class pink for anti bullying week and Pink Shirt Day. We have raised $390 for the Mental Health Foundation as well and the school was a sea of pink on Friday. Thank you everyone!


Jammies for June

Once again we will be happy to collect pairs of new pyjamas for the Middlemore Foundation’s Jammies for June appeal.  The Foundation aims to provide PJs for children admitted to hospital during the winter months that do not have  any at home. They take from size 0-16 years. This year you can also donate new blankets, socks or hot water bottles as well. There will be a box in the front office where these items can be placed between Monday 29th May and Friday 23rd June if you would like to donate.

Potential strike action – heads up

Teachers have voted to strike on 31 May, however there are negotiations underway this week which if successful will mean the strike will not go ahead. If the negotiations break down and the strike is going ahead then school will close on 31 May. This will also affect the school cross country which will then take place on 1 June instead.

School Cross Country Wednesday 31 May  

The whole school will be participating in our cross country run on Wednesday 31st May (save day Thursday 1 June). The children will run a course around our school grounds adapted for their age. You are all welcome to come along and cheer the children on. Children run in age groups as below. Please note that races will not run according to a timetable – a race will start after the last runner has finished the previous race. There is no set time for a race. Please note below that we have changed our organisation this year as the field is so wet after the large amount of rainfall we have had in Auckland since the beginning of the year. 


Children will not be coming down to the middle of the field this year due to the field conditions. Children will be called from their classes by age and brought down to the field to start their race. As they complete the course they will be sent up to the top court where the winners (top 3) will be announced. Families of winners can take a photo if they wish at this point.

 7 year old girls         one full course lap

 7 year old boys         one full course lap

 5 year old girls         one junior course lap

 5 year old boys         one junior course lap

 6 year old girls         one junior course lap with field extension

 6 year old boys        one junior course lap with field extension


Children will not be coming down to the middle of the field this year due to the field conditions. Children will bring their chairs and sit in the middle of the top court. When it is time for them to race they will be called down to the field. As they complete the course they will be sent up to the top court where the winners (top 3) will be announced and  they can have a photo. They can then continue to support the runners for the duration of the event.

9 year old girls         three course laps

9 year old boys        three course laps 

10 year old girls       three course laps    

10 year old boys      three course laps 

8 year old girls          two course laps

8 year old boys         two course laps

From this event we will select our school cross country team from the 8, 9 and 10+ year groups to compete at the interschools cross country races on Wednesday 20 June (save day 23 June) at Long Bay Regional Park.

It is recommended that children bring old clothes to school that are suitable to run in (a change of clothes is advisable) and also warm clothes and a rain coat to wait in. 

If the weather is not good or the teacher strike goes ahead and the cross country is postponed to 1 June, a message will be left on the information line, extension 2. Please note there will not be anyone available to take phone calls until the office opens at 8am. If both days are cancelled for any reason then we will run the races as and when we can fit them into the school day.

Mornings in the Drop Off Zone

Please do not park on the yellow lines, always park on the left and say a quick goodbye and then move slowly down and out of the drop off zone. Move as far down as you can so other cars can get in. This is a no parking area between 8:15am and 9am. If you need to walk your child into school please park elsewhere and walk into school. Cars are being parked and left there at the moment which is impeding other users as they cannot let their children out safely on the school side of the drop off zone. Please use the drop off zone as it is meant to be used, it is not safe to use both sides and do not park there in the mornings. We have this safe place for cars to use which would be much appreciated by other schools so let’s use it well.

Cohort Entry

What do you think?

Cohort entry is when a school has two entry points per term for children to start school after they have turned five:

  • on the first day of term
  • at a mid-point during the term

Cohort entry is about helping children to settle better at school. There is evidence that starting school alongside other children helps them build relationships and supports a smoother entry to school life.

Cohort entry can also mean less disruption for new entrant teachers who can prepare for groups of children arriving on a specific date rather than on an individual and ad hoc basis throughout the year. Because of this, many schools believe that cohort entry offers their children the best start to school life.

Links to more information about Cohort Entry are below:

Before changing our school’s entry policy, we must consult with our staff, parents of current and prospective students, and local early learning services and consider whether the policy is generally acceptable.

Click the link below to let us know what you think about cohort entry by completing the short questionnaire. The questionnaire will remain open until Friday 2 June 2023.

Have your contact details changed? If so contact the school office and let them know: 09 473 6453 or

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