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My name is Callum, I absolutely love football (soccer) My favorite players are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney. I am also known as Callum the Great or DJ Robson

The Tornado

“Got the camera?” I ask. “Yeah” Johnny answers. I am testing him to see how much he`s remembered to pack. “What about the microphone?” I add. “Yeah-no” he relied with a sheepish grin on his [...]

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Shocking News At The Wyoming Sled Race

On Tuesday the 15th March the Iditarod race in the streets of Wyoming came to a weird conclusion. Ten year old Willy was happily coming first place when his dog Searchlight a black Samoyed’s heart [...]

By |17th June 2016|Room 15|0 Comments

The Battle At Sea

The three crew members were drenched on a boat nowhere near any land at all. It was a stormy day; the waves were as big as mountains splashing onto the giant boat. Suddenly a giant [...]

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