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Dirty Dan

By |18th August 2016|Room 15|0 Comments

Gift from the Sea

Siting at the bottom of the ocean is a dark green shell with white beady bumps. This shell has an unusual round shape like a pumpkin. There is a small hole in the top and [...]

By |1st August 2016|Classes, Room 15|0 Comments

Stone Fox Speaks for the First Time

  Reporter Dan Matthew On 21 November, 1976, Stone Fox speaks for the first time at the Wyoming Sled Race. Willy a ten year old boy, takes part in the Wyoming sled race with his [...]

By |17th June 2016|Room 15|0 Comments

The Horrible Crash

Two famous youtubers, Jacksepiceye and Vanossgaming were going to the 2016 YouTube convention in Chicago because they both reached 11 million subscribers. At the airport they found each other and did a quick vlog saying [...]

By |17th June 2016|Room 15|0 Comments

My Dad

My Dad My dad is as entertaining as a clown He’s the man. He swims like a shark catching a fish He’s as soft as a teddy He’s the man He’s great with a gun [...]

By |10th June 2016|Room 15|0 Comments