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The Flood

One minute I was sitting on the couch eating an apple the next I was being buffeted around by the strong current pulling me out to sea. Fear bit my chest as I tried to [...]

By |7th July 2016|Classes|0 Comments

A Letter From a Toy

To my dearest Lily, Doggy here. Ok, here’s the problem. I’m really plump and all that and I know I’m your favourite soft toy but, do you really have to roll on me just when I’m [...]

By |17th June 2016|Room 15|0 Comments

The Hunt

Her scaly body tore a path through the calmness of the lake. Schools of fish quickly parting as they heard the snapping of jaws. Feeling queasy from  lack of food, her eyes pierced the blackness, [...]

By |17th June 2016|Room 15|0 Comments