Glamorgan School Board


The Board assume a governance role within the school. Governance is a “hands off” process whereby the board ensures that the school is well managed and led without itself doing the managing or leading. Therefore the Board is not directly involved in the day to day running of the school and generally the principal will deal with the vast majority of situations. However if at any time you would like to discuss a particular matter with a Board member please do not hesitate to contact any of the above through the school office.

The Board also produces the Glamorgan Gazette twice a year; a newsletter to keep you up to date with Board information. All upcoming monthly meetings are notified through the weekly school newsletter and are held in the Administration Block.

Parents are welcome to attend as observers and may apply for speaking rights.

Janet Pinchen
Janet PinchenPrincipal
William Pike
William PikeParent Representative
Michaela Nicol
Michaela NicolStaff Representative
Jenna Spencer-Bates
Jenna Spencer-BatesParent Representative
Iain Carmichael
Iain CarmichaelParent Representative
Katie Elliott
Katie ElliottParent Representative
Alex Reynolds
Alex ReynoldsParent Representative


All policies at Glamorgan School are listed in the index page under Parent Information tab. Policies on the website are those most relevant to parents but all policies are available to view at the school office.