Reading Page for Student Sharing

So many adventures in a book - animal stories,  space stories,  comics,  adventure stories,  scary stories,  funny stories, stories that teach us new things, stories about people like us and people different from us. What [...]

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Glamorgan Stars by Caleb and Joshua

Miniball     by Caleb and Joshua We have been playing basketball for one term. We have not won a games yet but we have won half of a game. Caleb and Ashtyn and Tom and Joshua [...]

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Miniball Dragons by Rourke Rm 21

Miniball Glamorgan Dragons               by Rourke At the end of last term my miniball team were in the miniball finals to be first or second. I did not get to [...]

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Hapori Newsletter July 2018

Hapori Term 3 Newsletter   This newsletter is going out before the holidays, as it is a reflection on term 2, as well as thinking ahead to term 3.   We end the term with [...]

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Glamorgan School drop off zone

Using the Glamorgan School drop off zone Gates open at 3.05pm The drop off zone was created to keep our children safe at home time. Current surveys indicate that approximately 68% of our children are [...]

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Classroom News

Classrooms are using a variety of online tools to make links between Home and School - Seesaw, email, Team Newsletters, Mathletics, Reading Eggs/Eggspress. Check with your child’s teacher to see what tools they are using.

School Information Booklet

Glamorgan School 145 Glamorgan Drive Torbay AUCKLAND Office : (09) 473 6453 Fax : (09) 473 6780 Email : office@glamorgan.school.nz Website : www.glamorgan.school.nz Kia ora. Hello everyone. Welcome to Glamorgan School We hope that your [...]

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Matariki Term 2 Newsletter

Matariki (Team 1) Newsletter Term 2 2018 “What children learn does not follow as an automatic result from what is taught. Rather, it is in large part due to the children’s own doing as a [...]

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Hapori Newsletter for Term 2

We decided to send out our newsletter at the end of this term so you have ideas for the holidays. Firstly, thank you for supporting us as your children started a new year with increased [...]

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Glamorgan School Newsletter Term 1 Week 11 12.4.2018

Term 1 ends at 3pm tomorrow Friday 13th April Term 2 begins at 9am on Monday 30th April  Kia ora koutou.  Hello everyone. School Anzac Day Service tomorrow Friday 13th April 2018 Our school Anzac Service will [...]

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