Term 1 Matariki Team Newsletter

Matariki Team 1 Newsletter Term 1 2020 Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome back to you all and a special welcome to our new families and children turning 5. We are excited about the year ahead [...]

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Whanake Team Newsletter Term 4 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome back to term four. We hope that you have all had a happy and relaxing two week break. The students have made an enthusiastic start to our final term. This [...]

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Matariki Term 4 Newsletter

Matariki Newsletter Term 4 2019 Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome to the final term for 2019, and for some, your first time at school. We welcome Mrs Justine Seed to our teaching team. This is [...]

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Hapori Newsletter Term 3 2019

Welcome back everyone. By the end of last term we had explored renewable energy and had created our community models with associated virtual roles and happenings. We were rather sad to have to break our [...]

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Rangatiratanga Term 3 Newsletter 2019

Team 6 Rangatiratanga Term 3 Newsletter     Dear Parents and Caregivers   Welcome back to Term 3, a scary thought that we are already more than half way through the school year. Just a [...]

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Matariki Newsletter Term 3

Matariki Newsletter Term 3 2019 Dear Parents and Caregivers, A warm welcome to the families who are joining us this term. We also welcome Mrs Angela Stoffberg back to the teaching team. To contact us: [...]

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Reading Page for Student Sharing

So many adventures in a book - animal stories,  space stories,  comics,  adventure stories,  scary stories,  funny stories, stories that teach us new things, stories about people like us and people different from us. What [...]

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Glamorgan Stars by Caleb and Joshua

Miniball     by Caleb and Joshua We have been playing basketball for one term. We have not won a games yet but we have won half of a game. Caleb and Ashtyn and Tom and Joshua [...]

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Miniball Dragons by Rourke Rm 21

Miniball Glamorgan Dragons               by Rourke At the end of last term my miniball team were in the miniball finals to be first or second. I did not get to [...]

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Hapori Newsletter July 2018

Hapori Term 3 Newsletter   This newsletter is going out before the holidays, as it is a reflection on term 2, as well as thinking ahead to term 3.   We end the term with [...]

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