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By |20th February 2017|Room 14|0 Comments

Dangerous Dave

By |19th August 2016|Room 14|0 Comments

Assassin Scout

By |19th August 2016|Room 14|0 Comments

A Tale of Two Kings

Let me tell a story of two kings, one greedy King named Nigel, and another loving King named Jack. They lived in two different castles, but war always raged on between the two kings, because [...]

By |23rd June 2016|Room 14|1 Comment

My Dad

My Dad My dad’s jokes are as funny as a clown He’s fine my dad My dad loves TV like a lion looking at its prey Sometimes he’s as boring as watching a sloth He’s [...]

By |17th June 2016|Room 14|2 Comments

My Brother

My Brother My brother is a skate boarder. He does skate boarding every time like he’s Tony Hawk I love my brother Dallas is as strong as the law My brother loves boxing, he’s like [...]

By |17th June 2016|Classes, Room 14|0 Comments

The Fight

One night king Nigel made a master plan to bring down King Jack, once and for all. In the middle of the night he gathered all his people and explained why they must fight for his [...]

By |17th June 2016|Room 14, Room 15|0 Comments

Ankylosaurus v Allosaurus

Ever wondered what was the supreme dinosaur of all time? Well I could help you. I have the power to go back in time, and my favorite things to see are dinosaurs. With my help, [...]

By |26th May 2016|Classes, Room 14|0 Comments

Toy Letter

We spent some time exploring the book - The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. The story is about a group of crayons who that their owner (Duncan) is neglecting him, so they write [...]

By |26th May 2016|Room 14|0 Comments

Most Improved Player

On Saturday, I went to my awards ceremony and I was excited. When I got there I went inside to find my team row. When we found it I saw a few of my team, [...]

By |17th November 2015|Room 14|0 Comments
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