Team Three Newsletter 2016 Term One

A very warm welcome to Team Three   This letter is in addition to the information on the main school pages, to tell you a little about our team. The school newsletter and website are your [...]

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I Made an Amazing Discovery

On Monday,  I found a fossil at Waiake Beach. It is a sort of triangle shape. It has got some sort of wavy swirly shape on the front of it .On the back, it has got [...]

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Dinosaur’s Fossil

Millions of  years ago dinosaurs lived in deserts, skies, forests and water. When the dinosaurs died out, they  turned into fossils. Fossils are bones that turn into rock and in the rock you can see [...]

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TEAM THREE NEWSLETTER   Term 4, 2015   Welcome back to the last term for 2015. This term always goes so quickly and before we know it the children are visiting their next teacher and [...]

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Structures – Playgrounds

Here is a  PPT with images of playground equipment to stimulate talk about materials and function of equipment prior to chn designing and constructing models. Playground KS1        

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Team Three Newsletter Term Three

Team Three Newsletter for Term Three Welcome back to school for Term 3. The topic for our inquiry this term is Buildings and Construction. We start with exploring the subject broadly; sharing our prior knowledge [...]

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