Term 1 Team Haepapa Newsletter 2020

Kia Ora Koutou, A very warm welcome to the start of another school year! In particular, a special welcome to all new families who have joined Team Haepapa! We hope you all enjoyed your summer [...]

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Tiakitanga Term 1 2020 (Team 4)

Click the link to download the Term 1 newsletter. Tiakitanga - Team 4 newsletter T1 2020

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Rangatiratanga (Team 6)Term 1 Newsletter 2020

Team 6 Newsletter/ Information: Term 1 2020 Dear Parents and Caregivers This year our team consists of 4 rooms, under the guidance of the following enthusiastic teachers, who are looking forward to working with your [...]

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Hapori 2020 Term 1 (team 3)

Dear Families Welcome to Hapori, a community of learning for children in year 3. The school website has information on what is happening in school and general information on how to support your child. The [...]

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Hapori Newsletter Term 4 2019

Welcome back everyone. This last term always seems to go so fast. It is a special time as we enjoy our last term together and prepare for Year 4.  The children are being guided by [...]

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Tiakitanga (Team 4) Term 4 Newsletter 2019

  Dear Parents and Caregivers,   Welcome back to the final term of 2019. We have another busy and exciting term ahead of us. Our school theme for Term 4 is Connections. We are calling [...]

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Whanake Team Newsletter Term 4 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome back to term four. We hope that you have all had a happy and relaxing two week break. The students have made an enthusiastic start to our final term. This [...]

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Rangatiratanga Term 4 Newsletter 2019

Year 6 parents: The final primary school term for year 6 students is now well underway. Another busy term ahead. Your child should now be enrolled in the intermediate school of your choice. Year 5 [...]

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Matariki Term 4 Newsletter

Matariki Newsletter Term 4 2019 Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome to the final term for 2019, and for some, your first time at school. We welcome Mrs Justine Seed to our teaching team. This is [...]

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Whanake Team Newsletter Term Three, 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers, The children have made a great start to the term. It is pleasing to see the progress they are making towards developing a sense of independence and responsibility for themselves and [...]

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