Term 1 Whanake Team (Year Two) Newsletter 2020

Whanake Team (Year Two), Newsletter Term One, 2020 Dear Parents and Caregivers, We would like to extend a warm welcome to parents and students who are new to Glamorgan Primary School and to our returning [...]

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Term 1 Matariki Team Newsletter

Matariki Team 1 Newsletter Term 1 2020 Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome back to you all and a special welcome to our new families and children turning 5. We are excited about the year ahead [...]

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Term 1 Team Haepapa Newsletter 2020

Kia Ora Koutou, A very warm welcome to the start of another school year! In particular, a special welcome to all new families who have joined Team Haepapa! We hope you all enjoyed your summer [...]

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Tiakitanga Term 1 2020 (Team 4)

Click the link to download the Term 1 newsletter. Tiakitanga - Team 4 newsletter T1 2020

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Rangatiratanga (Team 6)Term 1 Newsletter 2020

Team 6 Newsletter/ Information: Term 1 2020 Dear Parents and Caregivers This year our team consists of 4 rooms, under the guidance of the following enthusiastic teachers, who are looking forward to working with your [...]

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Hapori 2020 Term 1 (team 3)

Dear Families Welcome to Hapori, a community of learning for children in year 3. The school website has information on what is happening in school and general information on how to support your child. The [...]

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Hapori Newsletter Term 4 2019

Welcome back everyone. This last term always seems to go so fast. It is a special time as we enjoy our last term together and prepare for Year 4.  The children are being guided by [...]

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Tiakitanga (Team 4) Term 4 Newsletter 2019

  Dear Parents and Caregivers,   Welcome back to the final term of 2019. We have another busy and exciting term ahead of us. Our school theme for Term 4 is Connections. We are calling [...]

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Whanake Team Newsletter Term 4 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome back to term four. We hope that you have all had a happy and relaxing two week break. The students have made an enthusiastic start to our final term. This [...]

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Rangatiratanga Term 4 Newsletter 2019

Year 6 parents: The final primary school term for year 6 students is now well underway. Another busy term ahead. Your child should now be enrolled in the intermediate school of your choice. Year 5 [...]

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