Matariki Newsletter Term 3

Matariki Newsletter Term 3 2019 Dear Parents and Caregivers, A warm welcome to the families who are joining us this term. We also welcome Mrs Angela Stoffberg back to the teaching team. To contact us: [...]

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Tiakitanga Term 2 Newsletter 2019

TIAKITANGA - Term 2 Newsletter Dear Parents, We are set to go for another busy and exciting term! We are calling our topic this term “Our People, Our Culture, Our World” We will be starting [...]

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Rangatiratanga Term 2 Newsletter 2019

Welcome back to Term 2 Term 2 has arrived with the successful experiences of Waterwise and camp behind us. It has been great to see the growth in confidence and camaraderie that has been fostered [...]

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Hapori Newsletter Term Two 2019

Dear Whanau We are all set to have a great term.  With a term already behind them, the students are familiar with expectations and routines and have made friends. This allows a greater focus on [...]

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Whanake Newsletter Term 2, 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome back to school and an action packed programme for Term Two. We hope that everyone has had an enjoyable two week break with time for some rest and relaxation. The [...]

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Whanake Newsletter, Term 1, 2019

Whanake Team (Year Two), Newsletter Term One, 2019 Dear Parents and Caregivers, We would like to extend a warm welcome to parents and students who are new to Glamorgan Primary School and to our returning [...]

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Rangatiratanga Newsletter Term 1 2019

Download a copy of our Term 1 newsletter... Rangatiratanga Newsletter Term 1 2019 Waterwise booklet.

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Hapori Term One 2019

Welcome to Hapori. We have had a smooth and happy start to the school year. The children are settling in well. They are getting to know each other and are generally keen to learn.  We [...]

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Tiakitanga Newsletter Term 1 2019

Download a copy of our Term 1 newsletter ... Tiakitanga (Team 4) newsletter T1 2019

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Whanake – Team Newsletter Term 4

Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome back to term four. We hope that you have all had a happy and relaxing two week break. The students have made an enthusiastic start to our final term and [...]

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