Chromebooks and Google Accounts

In Year 4 students are allocated their own Chromebook and set up with a student Google account.

Students log in using a school email address e.g. These accounts will be used while at Glamorgan School and can be accessed from home using an Internet-capable device and browser (e.g. Chrome). The email address is used for school purposes and students are expected to only email their teacher and addresses within each class.

Accounts are monitored and students are expected to follow the rules set out in the School’s Cybersafety Agreement, completed by parents and students at the start of each year.

This is a time to talk with your child about:
● Their digital footprint – “Your digital footprint is the trail of ‘electronic breadcrumbs’ you leave behind you as you use the internet and it’s important to manage it carefully.” What they do, say and post on the internet may stay online forever even if you delete your history and will reflect both on them and Glamorgan School.
● Online safety and appropriate use of online tools. If a student uses their account inappropriately then access may be restricted or blocked.
● Using strong personal passwords (when asked to create one) and not sharing these with others.

Netsafe has some great tips and resources to help you talk with your child about using the internet and keeping safe online:

The Ministry of Education has information about learning using digital technologies with schools:

In Year 4 the focus is:
● introducing the students to their Google account and Chromebook
● logging into Chromebooks and Google accounts
● getting them familiar with their drives – saving, sharing, accessing, navigating etc.
● using the various Google Apps – Docs, Slide, Draw etc.
● covering online safety, privacy and security etc. (especially with personal accounts)
● becoming more proficient with general typing skills
● building on digital citizenship and using digital resources for research etc.
● developing confidence, capability and creativity at using a variety of digital devices/resources

Year 4 classes continue to use Seesaw as a key link between home and school. It remains our go-to platform for sharing what we are doing at school and distance learning at home (Year 4 is very much a between year with Seesaw and Google Accounts).

Digital Technologies (Chromebooks, ipads, Google Apps etc.) are only used to support learning.

Classroom programmes will contain a blend of online and offline learning activities and students are not expected to be on devices all the time.

If you have any questions about Digital Technologies and how they are used to support learning please feel free to get in touch with us.

Google Accounts – Years 5 and 6

Google Accounts – Year 5 and 6 (under development 2022)