Our School

Our School 

The school has extensive facilities which are used to support children’s learning and development.

Our Classrooms

Classrooms are mainly single cell units. Classes are organised into teams and are led by a senior teacher or team leader. There are six teams within the school and they are generally straight year levels. Occasionally there are classes which are a composite of more than one year level.

Information and Communication Technology

We have systematically implemented changes in technologies in order to access new tools for the delivery of the curriculum. The school provides a range of technologies including PCs, laptops, iPADs, tablets and digital cameras which are available to students across the school. These technologies are used to provide a technology rich environment within the classroom, to be used when needed, rather than having a dedicated ‘technology room’, as used to be the case.


Children enjoy the benefits of a library used on a weekly basis by all classes. The library has a dedicated part time librarian and provides a wide variety of reading material for all ages. It is also open before school and during lunch time.


We have a spacious school hall which is used for indoor sports, school assemblies, performing arts, school art exhibitions and community events. It includes a community room which is used for before and after school care. The hall can be hired by community groups which have included gymnastics, karate, judo, art and drama classes.

Playground facilities

Field and hard court areas are available including a junior area specifically for our youngest children, two car tracks, three playground areas with a variety of equipment, a large concreted court area and a field.

Swimming Pool

The pool is covered, solar heated and 25 metres long with an adjoining learner pool. This facility is used for teaching and during the summer months year six pupils participate in the Waterwise programme as well. Activities include sailing, canoeing and water safety and aquatic skills. Sailing and canoeing take place at Waiake beach. The pool is not open to the general public.